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Volkmar Joestel

Martin Luther - Rebel and Reformer

Reformation Biographies


"Luthers and his co-workers have afflicted and thrown the whole world into confusion with dissension and distressing doubts about faith and religion."

Johannes Cochläus, 1549


"Bugenhagen is a grammarian, I, Melanchthon, am a logician, Justus Jonas is an orator, fine and highly gifted; but Luther ist all of these together, a miracle among men; everything that he says and writes goes straight to the heart and makes a wonderfully depp impression on it."

Philipp Melanchthon



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12,5cm x 21,0cm format, 62 pages, generously illustrated 

Stefan Rhein (Ed.)

Philipp Melanchthon

Reformation Biographies


"Our Philipp Melanchthon is a wonderful human being, indeed one in whom almost everything is superhuman. But for me, he is a complete confidant and friend."

Martin Luther, 1518


"Students in great numbers streamed in all the time, to hear our Philipp, from all regions of Germany - what am I saying, Germany? They came from almost all provinces and royal kingdoms throughout all Europe, because they were lured by the reputation of his name."

Jakob Heerbrand, 1560




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12,5cm x 21,0cm format, 60 pages, generously illustrated 

Martin Treu

Katherine von Bora - Luther's Wife

Reformation Biographies


"Unexpectedly Luther has married Bora without even informing at least one of his friends beforehand about his intentions..."

Philipp Melanchthon, 1525


"Katie, I appoint you as my sole heir. You have carried the children and nursed them, you will not manage their affairs to their disadvantage."

Martin Luther, 1540







Preis: 6,50 EUR (Softcover)

ISBN 978-3-933028-71-X

12,5cm x 21,0cm format, 90 pages, generously illustrated 

Reinhard Pester

(Un)Forgotten Neighbors

Translated by Shaydon B. Ramey

with the help of Meaghan Summers


A Walking Tour to the 30 Stumbling Stones in Lutherstadt Wittenberg











Preis: 6,00 EUR (Softcover)

ISBN 978-3-942005-65-4

12,5cm x 21,0cm format, 80 pages, generously illustrated